Narada brought down a pot of water for Lord Vishnu

Work is worship

Narada is a devotee of Lord Vishnu. But he wonders if he is the greatest devotee. However, Lord Vishnu has an interesting take on devotion.
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Mohandas had made a spelling mistake. The class teacher tried to bring Mohandas' attention to the error. But Mohandas did not want to cheat.

Mohandas takes a spelling test

It was a typical day at Alfred High School in Rajkot, Gujarat. The school had a big ground. Boys were running about. Some were playing football. One boy shouted, “Look!” The boys saw an Englishman riding a bicycle. Behind him was a peon who had to run to keep pace…
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Sheikh Chilli kept dreaming and didn't see the bull standing on the road!

Sheikh Chilli’s Grand Plan

One day Sheikh Chilli set out to sell mustard oil. He walked with an oil vessel on his head and dreams in his head. “I will get a good price for the oil. What shall I do with the money I’m going to earn?” he wondered. Just then a herd…
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Kanaklata Barua giving a call to freedom in Gohpur, Assam

Kanaklata: The golden girl of India’s Freedom Struggle

The Indian Freedom Struggle threw up many leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Abul Kalam Azad and Jawaharlal Nehru. However, there were a number of other unsung heroes who fought and gave up their lives for freedom. One such hero is Kanaklata Barua from Assam. This is her story…
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Shivaji Maharaj and the milkmaid

This story is a retelling based on historical events Jui was excited. It was her 11th birthday. Her parents were taking her to the fort.Jui lived with her parents in a village at the foot of a hill in the Sahyadri mountain range. The hill was called Rairi. There was…
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The barber showing the ghost its own reflection

The ghost catcher

Sanju was a barber. He would roam from place to place to find clients looking to get a haircut or a shave. He carried all his tools safely in a small box. The box had a pair of scissors, shaving blades, combs and a mirror. Sanju used to take it…
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The secret is out

Baluram, the barber, was carrying a secret in his head. But that secret had made his tummy big. Finding this unbearable, Baluram shouted the secret into a tree hollow. Baluram’s tummy shrunk back to its normal size, and the secret was safe. (Read the previous story) Let’s see what happens…
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Baluram being checked by the doctor

Baluram’s secret

Baluram was the royal barber. Every month, a chariot would come to his house, to take him to the palace where he would give the king a royal haircut. Baluram’s friends teased him, “The king must be generous. A big tummy is a sign of prosperity.” Baluram would join his…
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The man who fought to create Red Cross

It was 1859. A war was raging in Europe. Henry Dunant, a Swiss businessman, was travelling to the heart of the battle in Solferino, Italy. He wanted Emperor Napolean III’s approval on some business matters. When he reached Solferino, Dunant found thousands of soldiers lying injured on the battlefield –…
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Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis: The pioneer of handwashing

Even before Covid-19 spread across the world, handwashing was a part of daily hygiene. But did you know that there was a time when it was not part of daily routines? Even doctors did not consider handwashing important! In the 19th century, doctors would examine patients without washing their hands. And when…
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