The crow and the serpent

There was a large banyan tree deep inside a dense forest. Its branches spread in all directions, throwing a large shade on the ground. The branches were full of leaves, which rustled when the wind blew. One day, Guru the crow, landed on one of the branches. It was a…
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The crab and the crane

Dandy the crane had travelled to places far and wide. But it was a small lake, deep inside a great forest, that he called home. The fishes of this lake were plump and juicy. They were the most delicious fishes in the world, according to Dandy. Unfortunately, the fishes were…
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Koosu, the little girl, offers milk to a hungry man

Milk for Shiva

Shivaswami was known in the village for his devotion to Shiva. He would go to the local Shiva temple twice a day. In the morning, he would take with him a pot of milk as an offering to Shiva. In the evening, he would sing songs describing the greatness of…
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