Keep Coronavirus at bay

We need a new way to look at Covid-19

Peter Pan is fighting with the pirate Captain Hook. The fight is even, until Captain Hook pulls a trick on Peter and injures him. “Not the pain of this but its unfairness was what dazed Peter. It made him quite helpless. He could only stare, horrified. Every child is affected…
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Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis: The pioneer of handwashing

Even before Covid-19 spread across the world, handwashing was a part of daily hygiene. But did you know that there was a time when it was not part of daily routines? Even doctors did not consider handwashing important! In the 19th century, doctors would examine patients without washing their hands. And when…
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No kidding, kids know about Corona

There’s something different about Corona Viruses are all around us. Our body’s in-built defense system knows how to fight and defeat most of these viruses because it has fought them before. However, Covid-19, which belongs to the corona family of viruses, is a new troublemaker. It will take some time…
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