“You fool, the destroyer of evil, the eighth child of Devaki is born elsewhere.”

Mathura slept blissfully under the spell of Devi Yogamaya on the night that Krishna was born. But Vasudeva, Krishna’s father, did not feel blissful. He was fully focussed on getting his eighth son to safety. He had carried his son to the village of Gokula in a basket, and left him at his friend Nanda’s house. He had placed his son next to Nanda’s wife Yashoda, and had left with her new born baby girl.

Back in Mathura, Vasudeva entered the prison. He lowered the basket and gently placed the female child next to his wife Devaki. The child cried and the spell was broken. The guards woke up and informed Kamsa.

As Kamsa approached the child, Vasudeva tried to stop him. “Kamsa, do not touch the child. It is a girl.”

“Girl or boy, the eighth child of Devaki is my enemy,” said Kamsa.

Devaki held the child close to her. Kamsa snatched the child from her. The next moment, to his shock, the child flew out of his hands and escaped from the window. As Kamsa ran out, chasing the child, which had reached the sky, the voice of Devi Yogamaya was heard loudly. “You fool, the destroyer of evil, the eighth child of Devaki is born elsewhere.” With that the voice fell silent.

Kamsa suddenly felt weak in his legs. “Are the Devas plotting against me?” he wondered. He was afraid for his life. “The destroyer of evil is born elsewhere,” he muttered as he collapsed.

Gradually, Kamsa recovered. He stood up and clenched his fists. Looking up at the sky, and shaking his fists in rage, he thundered, “I’ll find Devaki’s eighth son wherever he is, and I’ll destroy him.”

When Devaki heard him, she broke down. “Was all this for nothing? Will my child never be safe?” Vasudeva consoled her, “Do not be afraid, Devaki. Kamsa cannot harm your son for He is the Protector of the Universe, Lord Vishnu himself.”

Devaki and Vasudeva joined their hands, closed their eyes and prayed.

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