The demon Trinavrata had assumed the form of a whirlwind. He had carried little Krishna high in the air.

The cart giant, Shakatasura had failed in his mission to kill Krishna. Kamsa to ponder over his next move.

Kamsa was stunned to hear that Shakatasura, the cart demon, was dead. He refused to believe that the helpless infant was the cause of his death. Even so, he was cautious when sending the next assassin on a mission to kill the child growing in Gokula.

“Powerful demons like Pootana and Shakatasura have met their end,” said Kamsa, warning the demon Trinavrata, who had volunteered to go to Gokula.

“Had you sent me in the first place, my friends Pootana and Shakatasura would be alive today,” said Trinavrata.

Kamsa was impressed with his confidence. Trinavrata left for Gokula the same day.

It was evening in Gokula when Trinavrata arrived. Yashoda was admiring her little son lying in her lap with a smile. Suddenly she felt weak. She felt her child was too heavy. She lowered Krishna to the floor so that she could relax. Just then she noticed the sky darkening. Trees shook. The temperature dropped. The next moment there was a rush of wind raising dust, which flooded the house. Protectively, Yashoda tried to reach for Krishna. But she could not see anything in the air thick with dust. She started moving her hands in all directions to gather the child on the floor. She seemed to be gathering only dust. To reassure the child, she started calling his name, “Krishna, Krishna.”

Gradually, the wind weakened. The dust settled down. The sky brightened. Yashoda could see now. She found her little Krishna gone. “Krishna!” she screamed as she ran out of the house looking for the child.

The demon Trinavrata had assumed the form of a whirlwind. He had carried little Krishna high in the air. The demon was pleasantly surprised that he could carry away his victim so easily. The first part of his mission achieved. What remained was an easy task — to hurl the child against a huge rock and end his life.

Just as he spotted a huge rock, the demon was surprised to find the child getting heavier. Krishna was as light as a feather when Trinavrata had lifted him, now he had become as heavy as a grinding stone! The demon decided to drop him. To his horror, he found he could not drop the baby as the little one had clasped his hands round his neck. He gasped for breath as Krishna tightened his grip. Trinavrata dropped down dead.

The cowherds of Gokula came running when they heard a loud sound. They saw the demon sprawled out on the ground, dead. Little Krishna as usual was crawling playfully near him. Yashoda ran to pick up her child. Even as she hugged the child, Nanda looked up the sky, saying a silent prayer to God above.

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