Kamsa sent Pootana to Gokula to kill the child born to Chief Nanda. Later, he received news that Pootana had died mysteriously.

Kamsa was disappointed that his trusted lieutenant Pootana was dead while the child in Gokula was unharmed. His minister pointed out that they knew now where the enemy was: in Gokula. Kamsa’s spirits lifted. He summoned a demon, known for his ability to remain invisible and assume various forms. His mission was simple: Kill Krishna!

Meanwhile, baby Krishna had started rolling over. He could now lie on his tummy and lift his head. He would soon crawl on all fours. This called for celebrations. Gopis poured into Yashoda’s house, singing songs with lighted lamps in their hands. As the whole village celebrated, the demon entered Gokula.

The demon decided to wait for an opportune time to strike. He spotted a decorated hand cart parked in Nanda’s courtyard. He hid in the cart, invisible to all.

The ladies were busy with the ceremony. Baby Krishna was put in a cradle as the ladies sang lullabies. Little Krishna moved his hands and legs in delight. Soon, he fell asleep. Yashoda looked for a place where her child would not be disturbed as he slept peacefully. The house was full of giggling girls and gossiping women. Yashoda spotted a quiet place — the courtyard. She placed the cradle with the sleeping Krishna below the decorated hand cart parked in the courtyard. Little did she know that a demon was lying low, right there in the cart!

The demon hiding in the cart could not believe his luck. His prey was brought to his very den! He smirked with satisfaction as he prepared to strike.

Meanwhile the child woke up. He playfully kicked his leg. The soft leg touched the cart which flew in the air and came crashing down on the ground. As the cart crashed down, the earth shook, and the vessels in the cart rolled out with a loud, clattering noise. Hearing the noise, the women came out to see what had happened.

Yashoda screamed when she saw the fallen cart and ran towards it to pull her child to safety. Little Krishna crawled out smiling. Yashoda lifted the child and hugged him. Only then did she notice a demon lying dead. The ladies screamed. Nanda came running.

Nanda and other elders were bewildered to see the demon lying dead! Where did that cart giant, Shakatasura, come from and why? There was no answer to the mystery.

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