Once there was a baseball bat. The bat was owned by a nice kid called John, who loved sports. John played with his friends at the park every weekend.

He would pick a basketball one week, a badminton racket the other, and even a tennis ball at times. But the poor baseball bat would never get picked. Over time, the baseball bat grew old and bored.

One weekend, John’s cousins came over to his house. As their mommies and daddies sat down to have a chat, the kids grew bored. One of cousins perked up. “Hey John, let’s head out to the park and play baseball,” he said.

“Guys, I don’t think I have a bat,” said John sadly.

“Then what’s this?” the cousin asked with a smile pulling the baseball bat from a dusty corner.

John smiled, “My dad got me that baseball bat. I never used it and forgotten all about it. But I don’t know how to play.”

“We will teach you!” his cousins said as they ran out happily.

The baseball bat was very happy. It had been so long since he had been out in the sun. The kids played baseball all afternoon.

In fact, John liked baseball so much, he did not want to stop when they were done. Baseball was now John’s favorite sport. The baseball bat got taken out every weekend.

Now the only problem was that the basketball was bored.

Every night, at bedtime, Priti, a Katha Kids reader, reads a story with her two sons, Sahil & Ishir. Sometimes when the three get bored, they make up a story. The story starts with a single line. Each person then takes turns to add a single detail that moves the story forward. This story was developed by the three of them, written by Sahil, and edited with love by the Katha Kids team.

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