Ben and Jenny waited as the lion drifted off to sleep

Ben and Jenny were running in their school’s hallway. Unfortunately, they were caught by principal Stan. They were sent to his office, where they had a long talk. As punishment, Ben and Jenny had to write an essay on why they should not run in the hallway.

Meanwhile, in the city zoo, Droo the lion was thinking about freedom. He had stayed behind closed doors all his life. “How would it be if I was free to wander wherever I wanted?” he wondered.

The door-keeper opened the door to his cage and gave Droo food and water. Luckily for Droo, his phone rang at the same time. The doorkeeper ran outside to answer the phone and forgot to close the gate!

Droo immediately went out. The air smelled fresher outside the cage. He decided to take a quick stroll. But he quickly wolfed down his lunch before starting his adventure.

People would run and scream as soon as they saw Droo. “These people smile when they see me in my cage. They even click selfies with me. Why are they scared when I’m roaming around?” he wondered.

“These people smile when they see me in my cage. They even click selfies with me. Why are they scared when I’m roaming around?” wondered Droo the Lion

All the walking around made Droo thirsty. He found a fountain inside a school and decided to drop in for a sip. Yes, the same school which Ben and Jenny attended!

After he finished drinking water, Droo felt sleepy. He wanted a shady spot to take a nap. He found Ben and Jenny who were writing their essay. “Hey kids,” called out Droo the lion, “Do you know where I can find a shady spot?”

Ben and Jenny wondered if they should finish their essay or run. But they had read in their textbooks that lions couldn’t climb trees. So, they quickly ran to a tree and climbed up a high branch.

The tree had a nice shade. Just the kind of spot Droo was looking for. He immediately curled up and slept off.

When Ben and Jenny were sure the lion was asleep they ran to Principal Stan’s office and told him everything. Principal Stan called the zoo, and sent men to bring the lion back to the zoo.

When Droo opened his eyes he saw that some people from the zoo were standing near him. Droo smiled. He was going to get a ride back home. It was time for dinner.

Every night, at bedtime, Priti, a Katha Kids reader, reads a story with her two sons, Sahil & Ishir. Sometimes when the three get bored, they make up a story. The story starts with a single line. Each person then takes turns to add a single detail that moves the story forward. This story was developed by the three, written by Sahil, and edited with love by the KathaKids team.

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