“You have to be careful of the big fishes, Chotu,” said Mama Fish.

Mama fish was worried. Chotu wanted to venture into the sea all alone. He wanted to roam around.

“You have to be careful of the big fishes, Chotu.”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Can you find your way back home?”

“Yes, Mama.”

“Keep away from those horrible nets.”

“Yes, Mama.”

Finally, Mama fish allowed Chotu to swim alone.

As Chotu swam away, Mama’s friend, Yellow, swam towards her.

“Where’s your darling Chotu?” she asked.

“He wanted to see the world.”

“Don’t tell me, he went alone?”

“Yes. He wanted to.”

“You allowed him to go alone?” Yellow asked in surprise.

“Yes, one day he has to be on his own. I cannot be with him all the time,” said mama fish.

“But why today, of all the days?” exclaimed Yellow.

“Why not today? I don’t understand?”

“Don’t you know Big Fish is breaking his fast today?” asked Yellow.

“Really? I forgot all about his fast,” replied Mama fish looking worried now.

“Pray that your Chotu does not cross his path,” said Yellow as she swam away, leaving Mama fish very worried.

Mama prayed to the sea angel to protect her Chotu. ”You know how much I love him. May no harm come to him,” said Mama fish.

Soon, she relaxed as she saw Chotu swimming towards her.

She hugged him and told him how worried she was about his safety.

“You didn’t come across Big Fish, did you?” asked mama.

“Mama, wherever you go in the sea, you will come across big daddy,” Chotu grinned.

“How did you manage to get away from him?” asked Mama

“Mama, I simply swam under his belly! Ha, ha, ha,” said Chotu.

Mama fish joined Chotu in his laughter.

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