Gadha the donkey was amused to see animals running away from him in fear.

Gadha the donkey was sad. As he walked down the forest path nobody greeted him, nobody took notice of him. “I have no friends. I’m so unlucky!” Gadha thought.

One day, he came across a tiger’s skin behind a bush. He picked it up and wrapped it around his body. “I look grand in this tiger’s coat!” he said to himself.

Just then, a hare came out of a bush.

“A tiger!” he screamed as he ran away.

“Tiger is coming! Tiger is coming!” the hare kept on shouting, warning his friends as he ran. Soon, other animals joined him. Deer, fox, bear and monkey all ran here and there shouting, “Tiger is coming! Tiger is coming!”.

Gadha the donkey was amused to see animals running away from him in fear. “I’m the King of the Jungle! Ha, Ha!” he shouted in glee. Such was his joy, that he brayed loudly, “HEE HAW!!!”

The animals stopped running. A tiger braying like a donkey! They were surprised.

“No, this cannot be the tiger,” said the fox.

“Look at his coat. Undoubtedly, it is the tiger,” said the hare.

“Listen to his roar. Do you call it a roar?” asked the fox.

The monkey cautiously crept close to the roaring animal, from behind, and pulled his coat. The coat came off!

“It’s Gadha!” shouted the monkey.

“I fooled you, didn’t I?” laughed Gadha the donkey.

Other animals joined him in laughter. Thereafter, other animals would greet Gadha whenever they saw him. Gadha the donkey was happy. He had a lot of friends now.

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