“I don’t understand what you are talking. Where was the tiger? Where were you?” asked the jackal.

Awood cutter saw a tiger trapped in a cage. “Get me out of this cage,” the tiger pleaded. Taking pity on the tiger, the wood cutter opened the door and let the tiger out.

The tiger yawned and stretched his limbs saying, “I’m hungry.” Looking at the wood cutter, the tiger licked his lips. The wood cutter stepped back shouting, “Don’t touch me.”

“I’m sorry. I haven’t eaten for two days. I have to eat you,” said the tiger. “It’s not fair,” the wood cutter cried out. “Who says so?” asked the tiger coldly.

“Let’s ask this rabbit,” said the man stopping a rabbit that was hopping by.

The woodcutter told the whole story to the rabbit. “Is it fair for him to eat me?”

The rabbit looked at the tiger who appeared to be very hungry. “If I speak against him, this hungry fellow may eat me instead,” thought the rabbit. “Of course, he is right. A tiger is always right,” said the rabbit as it ran away.

The tiger took one step closer to the woodcutter who quickly said, “Let’s ask someone else.”

A deer passing by heard the wood cutter politely. She looked at the tiger. Fearing for her own life, she too said that the tiger was right.

The tiger took another step closer to the woodcutter. But just then came a jackal. The wood cutter repeated his story and asked the jackal, “Is it fair that this tiger should eat the one who helped him?”

“I don’t understand what you are saying. Where was the tiger? Where were you?” asked the jackal.

Getting impatient, the tiger said. “Look I was in this cage. Like this.”

The tiger went inside the cage.

“The door was shut like this,” said the tiger closing the door.

“And it was bolted like this,” said the woodcutter bolting the door.

“I understand. Now What is the problem?”

“He wants eat me.” complained the woodcutter as the tiger licked its lips. He was very sure that the jackal will also side with him.

The jackal looked puzzled. “How can the poor fellow eat you? He is inside the cage,” said the jackal.

“He released me from the cage, you fool,” shouted the tiger.

“Oh yeah, he did, didn’t he? Now will you let him out?” asked the jackal to the woodcutter.

“Not again!” said the wood cutter and walked away.

The jackal walked away too, leaving the tiger in the cage, with the door closed and safely bolted.

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