Jack, the farmer, wanted to have a well dug. He looked around for people who would do the job for him without pay. He found none. By then, it was noon and Jack started sweating in the hot sun. Just then, he spotted a beaver, which looked worried. “What’s the matter, mate? You seem to be looking for something. Have you lost anything precious?” asked Jack.

“Yes, my friend Jack,” said the beaver. “I’ve lost my shadow. It was with me this morning. Now it’s gone,” said the beaver.

Jack knew the answer to the mystery. It was noon and the sun was overhead. The shadow would not be seen for some time, until the sun moved a little further.

“I think, your shadow is hiding here,” said Jack.

“Where?” asked the beaver alarmed.

“Here, under the ground,” said pointing to the spot where he wanted to have a well dug.

“I’ll dig him out,” said the beaver with determination. Much to Jack’s delight, he started digging.

The beaver was strong. He started digging with his forepaws. He worked without taking rest. By the time the trench was deep enough, the sun moved and his shadow became visible right there - in the trench. The beaver was delighted. “Ah, I caught you!” cried the beaver. “Come home with me,” he said as he jumped out of the trench. The shadow too jumped out of the trench along with the beaver.

“Thank you, my friend, for helping me find my shadow,” said the beaver to Jack as he ran home, with his shadow accompanying him.

“I must thank you, friend,” said Jack. He continued the digging for a while until the water gushed out in the well. He splashed water on his face, and clambered out of the well.

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