The demon immediately started tilling the land with the help of demon bulls
The work demon started tilling the land with the help of two demon bulls. In no time the work was done.

“Work, work, work. Never ending work,“ grumbled Shivaraj the farmer. “And no one to help me. I wish I could summon a demon to work for me!” he cried.

The next moment, he heard someone addressing him,” You summoned me, Master?”

Shivaraj looked down to see a dwarf with a horn growing from his forehead.

“I’m Guddu, the little demon, Master,” the visitor introduced himself.

“Now that you have summoned me, you must keep me busy,” said Guddu, the little demon.

Shivaraj could not believe his eyes! A demon working for him!

“And remember, if you have no work for me, I’ll gobble you up!” said the little demon Guddu.

Shivaraj nodded his head. “I’ve plenty of work. Go till my fields,” said Shivaraj.

As Guddu tilled his field, Shivaraj decided to take a nap. Hardly had he closed his eyes, the demon appeared before him. “Job is done, Master. What’s the next task?”

“Water the fields,“ said Shivaraj hurriedly.

In no time, the demon was back asking for more work.

“Get wood from the forest,” Shivaraj screamed.

In no time, Guddu the demon was back, carrying a huge bundle of wood on his head.

“What next, Master?”

“Take some rest,” said Shivaraj.

“I’ll rest after I’ve eaten you up,” said Guddu the demon.

“No,” screamed, Shivaraj.

“You have some more work me?” asked the demon coldly.

“Yes, yes,” babbled Shivaraj. “Look, go up that ladder,” he said pointing out a ladder.

Even as Guddu the little demon raced up the ladder, Shivaraj shouted, “Now, come down the ladder. And keep going up the ladder, coming down the ladder, going up, coming down ……”

Guddu did as told. He is still at work — going up the ladder, coming down, going up, coming down.

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