He became one with the trees around him. He looked like a tree.

A young ascetic strode into a thick jungle. He took a dip in a pond and walked to a forest clearing. He stood with legs slightly apart, looked up, closed his eyes and stood motionless, taking the sun and the passing wind on his face. He stood still without movement for hours, for days and nights, for weeks, and for months. Many years passed; he did not stir. He just stood, eyes closed, mind still, heart filled with peace and love.

He became one with the trees around him. He looked like a tree.

Then one morning as the day broke, he felt the warm rays of the sun on his face. He opened his eyes and saw the clear sky. For the first time in years, he felt like moving. Just as he lifted a leg to move, he froze. He heard chirping from above. In an instant, he realized that a bird had built her nest in his matted hair, and the eggs had hatched. He could clearly hear the chirping of the fledglings. He had already lifted a leg but he did not bring it down, lest it disturbed the fledglings. He continued to stand on one leg, patiently waiting for the fledglings to grow and for their wings to gain strength.

One fine day, the birds flew away. The ascetic brought his leg down, relaxed and after many years walked towards the pond for a dip.

The trees bowed to him and the wind blew gently.

The whole forest bowed to the great ascetic.

His name was Jajali.

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