A few days later the mouse came across the lion again. This time the lion was unable to move. Some hunters had thrown a net in which he was stuck.

Amouse saw a lion dozing. He ran up the lion’s tail and climbed on to his back. As he was sliding down the lion’s long nose, the king of the jungle opened his eyes wide.

The mouse trembled as the lion held him in his paw. He knew the lion was angry with him. He joined his hands in salutation and pleaded, “O King of the jungle, please forgive me for my mischief.”

The lion was in a good mood. He gently put the mouse down. “Thank you, friend” shouted the mouse as he ran away. The lion was amused to hear the tiny mouse call him a friend.

A few days later, the mouse came across the lion again. This time, the lion was unable to move. He was stuck in a net which some hunters had thrown. The hunters had gone to the village to get a cart to transport the animal. “They want to sell me to a circus,” said the lion looking sad.

“Just a minute, friend, I’ll be back in a moment with help,” said the mouse and ran.

In no time, the mouse was back with an army of mice. Quickly, they cut the net with their sharp teeth.

Just then, the hunters came back with a cart. The lion was ready for them. He roared loudly and the hunters fled.

The lion turned to the mouse. “Thank you, friend. Thanks to you, I’m free,” he said.

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