The hunter cast his net on the birds
The birds were tempted by the grains. But as soon as they landed on the ground, a hunter threw his net over them.

A flock of birds was flying in the sky. Suddenly, one of the birds spotted grains on the ground. “Grains! Plenty of grains here,” said the bird. “Let’s land here. I’m hungry and tired,” said another bird.

The leader of the birds tried to stop them. “We should not act in haste. This may be a trap to catch us.”

“I see no danger,” said a young bird.

“I agree. Those grains look delicious,” said another bird.

Hiding in a bush, was a hunter with a net. “I hope the silly birds will come down,” he thought.

As soon as the birds landed, the hunter threw his net over them. The birds panicked. Some tried flying left. Others tried flying right. But there was no escape from the net.

“Oh, no,” cried the frightened birds. “We should have listened to your wise words,” they said to their leader.

Their leader was calm. “We can still escape. Stop trying to fly in all directions. All of you fly in this direction,” he said, pointing to the right. “One, two, three!”

As ordered by their leader, the birds took off together. And, they took the net with them.

The hunter watched them fly away. “I lost not only my catch, but also my net!” he cried.

The birds landed near a pond where they had friends — the mice. “We need your help, friends,” said the leader of the birds. The mice bit the net into pieces with their sharp teeth.

The birds flew away happily.

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