“Who’s there? It’s you, Guddi! I can smell you!” shouted the big bad wolf.

Gudi was alone at home. Her parents had gone out for a few days. Before leaving, Mom said, “Gudi, there is enough food for you for three days.”

“Yes, Mom,” said Gudi.

“You are safe in the house. Don’t go out,” said Mom.

“I’ll be careful, Mom,” assured Gudi.

“I heard the big bad wolf was spotted in the neighbourhood ,” added Dad, before leaving.

As soon as they left, Gudi jumped in joy. She could now go out to meet her friend, Gangu grandma.

Gangu grandma lived in a cottage on the other side of the forest, and the big bad wolf was loitering in the forest!

Gudi was so eager to meet Gangu grandma, she gave no thought to the big bad wolf. Her only thought was how fast she could reach Gangu grandma’s cottage.

She went to the backyard and talked to her friends, the pumpkins. “I want to travel fast and safe to grandma’s cottage. Will you help me, please?”

“You have watered us and taken care of us. How can we say no to you, Gudi?” said the pumpkins. A huge pumpkin offered a ride to Gudi. “Cut open a door to enter my tummy, sit inside my tummy and close the door. When you are ready, call out: ‘Roll, roll, my pumpkin. Take me to Granny Gangu.’ I will start rolling and keep rolling till I reach the doorsteps of Granny Gangu,” said the big fat pumpkin.

Gudi thanked the big fat pumpkin. She gently pulled it off the creeper. She cut a door, stepped into the pumpkin. She sat down and closed the door. Then she called out: “Roll, roll, my pumpkin. Take me to Granny Gangu.”

The pumpkin started to roll. Thump-bump, it went.

The big bad wolf was taking a stroll. His tummy was heavy with the two rabbits in it. His sharp ears heard the sound — thump-bump, thump-bump. Then he saw a huge pumpkin rolling down the road. The big bad wolf waylaid the pumpkin and forced it to stop.

“Who’s there? It’s you, Gudi! I can smell you!” shouted the big bad wolf.

Gudi put our head and pleaded with the wolf.

“Let me go wolf. I’m thin and skinny,” said Gudi. “I’m going to Granny Gangu who will feed me well and make me fat. I’ll be returning in two days. Can’t you wait for just two days?” pleaded Guddi.

The big bad wolf was not hungry. In fact, he had over-eaten and his stomach was heavy. “These two rabbits in my tummy are enough for two days. I’ll be really hungry by the time this girl returns; she will also be fat and plump by then,” thought the wolf. So, he allowed Gudi to go. “But remember, I’ll be waiting for you. Here,” he cautioned as the pumpkin rolled away. She reached Granny Gangu’s cottage, Guddi jumped out, shouting, “Granny Gangu see who is here to see you.”

Granny Gangu came running and hugged the little girl.

Gudi patted the pumpkin. ”Thank you, friend. Rest now. I’ll get you some water for you.”

Gudi spent two wonderful days with granny eating special food she fed her. She listened to Granny’s wonderful stories. She forgot all about big bad wolf.

But big bad wolf had not forgotten Gudi. He very much remembered her and was waiting for her. He was now hungry.

What happened next?

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