Gudi put out her head and waved to big bad bruised Wolf. “Goodbye, wolf. Get well soon,” she called out as she rolled past the wolf.

Gudi took a ride to Granny Gangu’s cottage on a big fat friendly pumpkin. The big bad wolf allowed her to pass thinking he will eat her up when she returned fat and plump after having Granny’s food.

Gudi ate the delicious food of Granny Gangu. Even more fascinating were the stories granny told. Time flew. It was time to pack up and leave for home. She had to reach home before her parents returned.

Granny wanted Gudi to choose a gift. “You can take anything you like,” said Granny. Gudi looked around. Her eyes moved from one wonderful toy to another. Then her eyes fell on a grinding stone in a corner. “Can I have this beautiful grinding stone, granny?” asked Gudi. The grinding stone was thrilled to hear this. Nobody had called him beautiful. “This sweet girl has taken a liking to me,” he thought. “I’ll do anything for her.”

Rested and refreshed, the big fat pumpkin was ready for the journey. Gudi patted the pumpkin and said, “We have company.” The pumpkin looked at the grinding stone with concern. The grindstone gave him a friendly smile.

Gudi then patted the grindstone. “My hero, you are strong and handsome. You lead the way. We’ll follow you.” The grindstone puffed with pride. “She called me a hero. This girl knows what I am,” he thought.

Gudi waved goodbye to granny and sat in the pumpkin. The grindstone took position slightly ahead of the pumpkin and waited. “My dear grindstone, roll, roll all the way home and make the road safe for me and our friend pumpkin.”

The grindstone started rolling, making the sound, thud, thud. The pumpkin followed him, going thump-bump.

Meanwhile, the bad hungry wolf was waiting. He was very hungry by now. He was waiting for Gudi to turn up. “She is truly fat and plump, I hope,” he thought, smacking his lips.

Then he heard a distant sound. A rumbling sound.

“Ah, she has come,” thought the wolf. He stood in the middle of the road. “I am ready for you.”

But he was not ready for the grindstone, which came fast and furious and knocked him down. Badly shaken, the wolf gasped for breath. Just then he saw Gudi rolling down the road in the pumpkin.

Gudi put out her head and waved to big bad bruised Wolf. “Goodbye, wolf. Get well soon,” she called out as she rolled past the wolf.

Soon, Gudi reached home. She thanked the grinding stone. “Now, go back to Granny Gangu. She is missing you,” she said.

The grinding stone took leave of Gudi and left.

Soon the parents returned and were happy to see Gudi safe.

Meanwhile, the wolf licked his wounds and got up, hoping to get some food. Just then the grinding stone came speeding and knocked him down as he rolled away to Granny Gangu’s cottage.

Retold from a Kannada folktale.

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