There sitting on the tree’s branches were monkeys wearing caps. His caps!

Topiwala was a cap seller. He stitched caps of every size and colour. He would then tuck them in a bag and go from town to town, selling the caps.

His wife would pack his lunch. He would eat his lunch on the way sitting under the shade of some tree. He would then lie down to take a nap for half an hour. He would use the bag of caps as a pillow to rest his head.

One day, it was hot and Topiwala was hungry. He found a tree. Sitting under its shade, he had his lunch. He was tired. So, he lay down as usual, using the bag of caps as a pillow.

When he woke up, he found the bag empty! All the caps were gone!

Shocked to find caps gone, he looked to his left, and then to his right. He looked all around the tree. Then he looked up. There, sitting on the tree’s branches were monkeys wearing caps. His caps!

While he was sleeping, the monkeys had come down the tree and taken away the caps.

Topiwalla was angry at the monkeys. He shouted at them. But the monkeys yelled back. He shook his hand at them. The monkeys did the same. He threw stones at the monkeys. They threw fruits at him.

Topiwala got an idea. He took off his cap and threw it down. The monkeys took off their caps and threw them down!

Topiwalla quickly gathered the caps thrown down by the monkeys, put them in his bag, and left the place in a hurry.

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