A pair of bulbuls flew into a field and spotted a large tree with spread-out branches. “Let’s build our home here,” said Mrs. Bulbul. “This seems to be a nice place to raise our family.”

The bulbuls built a cozy nest on a large shady branch. Mrs. Bulbul laid her eggs. Mr. Bulbul guarded the nest. Soon, the fledglings appeared. The bulbuls were now proud parents.

Meanwhile, Sher Singh, the farmer who owned the field, wanted more space to grow wheat. He saw the tree and frowned. “I want no tree in the middle of my field,” he said to his elder son, Ramu. “Remove this tree.”

Sher Singh was standing right below the tree when he issued his order. Mrs. Bulbul shook in fear for her fledglings. “Let’s leave this place with our kids. Right now,” she said to Mr. Bulbul. However, Mr. Bulbul was calm. “Our fledglings are too small. Let’s wait for some days. I’ll tell you when to leave this place.”

A week later Sher Singh arrived at the same spot. This time he was accompanied by his younger son, Shyamu. He was surprised to see the tree still standing. “I had told your brother to remove this tree. He has not done it. I want you to remove this tree immediately.” Shyamu nodded as the two walked away.

“Not a moment’s delay! We are leaving this place right now,” said Mrs. Bulbul.

Mr. Bulbul who had heard everything remained calm. “Our fledglings are growing stronger, but they are still small. I’ll tell you when to leave this place.”

Another week passed. Nothing happened. The fledglings had now grown wings and were learning how to fly. Once again, Sher Singh arrived near the tree. This time he was alone. He was surprised to see the tree still standing.

“Even Shyamu has not acted. All right. I’ll come with the axe and chop off this tree,” he muttered.

As soon as he turned his back, Mr. Bulbul flapped his wing and said, “Pack up. We are leaving. Right now.”

Mrs. Bulbul was surprised at his urgency. “I don’t think anything will happen to the tree. I think we can continue staying here.”

“No. When a job is given to someone else, the other man takes his own time to do it. But when a man decides that he will do the job himself, he will act without delay,” Mr. Bulbul said, “So, we are going right now.”

By now, the young ones were strong enough to fly. The family of bulbuls left to find another home.

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