The four friends hanging out in the forest.

The four friends

An unusual group of four friends lived deep inside a forest. The four friends were: a deer, a crow, a mole and a tortoise. They would meet every afternoon under a shady banyan tree and talk for hours. One day, the deer did not turn up at the usual time.…
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Mohandas had made a spelling mistake. The class teacher tried to bring Mohandas' attention to the error. But Mohandas did not want to cheat.

Mohandas takes a spelling test

It was a typical day at Alfred High School in Rajkot, Gujarat. The school had a big ground. Boys were running about. Some were playing football. One boy shouted, “Look!” The boys saw an Englishman riding a bicycle. Behind him was a peon who had to run to keep pace…
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Sheikh Chilli kept dreaming and didn't see the bull standing on the road!

Sheikh Chilli’s Grand Plan

One day Sheikh Chilli set out to sell mustard oil. He walked with an oil vessel on his head and dreams in his head. “I will get a good price for the oil. What shall I do with the money I’m going to earn?” he wondered. Just then a herd…
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The barber showing the ghost its own reflection

The ghost catcher

Sanju was a barber. He would roam from place to place to find clients looking to get a haircut or a shave. He carried all his tools safely in a small box. The box had a pair of scissors, shaving blades, combs and a mirror. Sanju used to take it…
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Baluram being checked by the doctor

Baluram’s secret

Baluram was the royal barber. Every month, a chariot would come to his house, to take him to the palace where he would give the king a royal haircut. Baluram’s friends teased him, “The king must be generous. A big tummy is a sign of prosperity.” Baluram would join his…
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The hare reaches the lion late

The lion and the hare

It was noon. The sun was overhead. It was meal time. The lion king was hungry, but there was no sight of food. It had never happened before. As the sun came overhead, an animal would approach the Lion king and offer itself as food. There was a time, the…
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Dal-vada King

All roads lead to Chandra Mahal in Chandrapur. No, Chandra Mahal is not a palace, it is a popular restaurant in the town. Morning walkers time their walk to arrive at Chandra Mahal at 7.30 in the morning for a hefty breakfast of idli, vada, and dosa, followed by piping…
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Buddha remains cool

Gautama Buddha used to go out with a begging bowl to collect a morsel of food for the day. As soon as he appeared in front of a house, the lady of the house would come out with some cooked food, and offer it Buddha. Buddha would accept it, thank…
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Stories of Buddha: Free bird

One morning Prince Siddhartha and his cousin Devadatta, went for a walk in the woods. Siddhartha pointed out a swan flying in the sky to Devadatta. Before Siddhartha could stop him, Devadatta shot an arrow at it. Struck by the arrow, the bird went down. Both the boys ran towards…
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Tenali Tales: Raman the horse trainer

An Arab brought a shipload of horses from Persia. Many in the court of king Krishnadevaraya bought the horses from the Arab. Raman maintained that Vijayanagara’s horses were superior to the horses from Arabia. The ministers who bought the Arabian horses challenged Raman to prove this point in a horse race.…
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