Hanuman takes the leap to Lanka

Hanuman discovers his potential

Sampati was an old eagle. He lived alone on a rock on the southern seashore. One day, he noticed that the beach was crowded with monkeys. He asked the monkeys what had brought them to the seashore. Where were they from? Jambuvan, an elderly bear, spoke, “Rama, the prince of…
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The fox looking at the grapes on the vine

Sweet grapes

A fox passed by a grapevine winding around the branches of a tree. He saw a bunch of grapes hanging above. He jumped to snatch some grapes. But the grapes were too high for him. “You have to grow up fox,” said a monkey living on the tree; “here take…
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The stranger handed the candle to a young girl

The stranger in the night – A Diwali story

A stranger was on a pilgrimage to Kashi. One evening, he rested in a village. The villagers were kind and helpful. They offered him food to eat and a place to stay. As he got ready to leave the next morning, his host had a word with him, “As you…
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The Talkative Turtle

A talkative turtle called Tom lived in a lake deep inside a forest. He would talk all day long with anyone- from tiny ants to giant elephants. But Tom liked to talk most with his best friends-a pair of geese called Bo and Mo. The three friends lived in the…
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Alexander and Porus

King Paurava, also known as Porus, ruled the region between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab in North India. One day a messenger arrived in his court. He had a fair skin and spoke a foreign language. His message was simple: Submit to King Alexander or be ready for war. Porus…
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The hare reaches the lion late

The lion and the hare

It was noon. The sun was overhead. It was meal time. The lion king was hungry, but there was no sight of food. It had never happened before. As the sun came overhead, an animal would approach the Lion king and offer itself as food. There was a time, the…
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Totaka and Shankaracharya

The guru and the silent disciple

Adi Shankara was loved and respected by his disciples. Three of his disciples were intelligent and spent most of their time studying. Their classmate, Totaka, hardly studied. He made himself busy by washing the guru’s clothes, collecting flowers for his worship, making his bed and pressing his feet. The other…
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Dal-vada King

All roads lead to Chandra Mahal in Chandrapur. No, Chandra Mahal is not a palace, it is a popular restaurant in the town. Morning walkers time their walk to arrive at Chandra Mahal at 7.30 in the morning for a hefty breakfast of idli, vada, and dosa, followed by piping…
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Bahubali Gommateshwara

Bahubali ruled over Podanapura in South India. His elder brother, Bharata, ruled over Ayodhya in the North. The other brothers had their own kingdoms given to them by their father, Rishabhanatha. Bharata wanted to be known as the King of Kings. He was blessed with a dazzling, divine wheel called…
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The well digger

Jack, the farmer, wanted to have a well dug. He looked around for people who would do the job for him without pay. He found none. By then, it was noon and Jack started sweating in the hot sun. Just then, he spotted a beaver, which looked worried. “What’s the…
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