Merchant speaking to his parrot in a golden cage

The bird in the golden cage

A merchant in Persia, received a gift from his friend. It was a green parrot in a beautiful golden cage. “I got this talking parrot especially for you from India. Just feed this parrot chilies and hear its beautiful songs,” said the friend. One day, the merchant announced that he…
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Mohandas had made a spelling mistake. The class teacher tried to bring Mohandas' attention to the error. But Mohandas did not want to cheat.

Mohandas takes a spelling test

It was a typical day at Alfred High School in Rajkot, Gujarat. The school had a big ground. Boys were running about. Some were playing football. One boy shouted, “Look!” The boys saw an Englishman riding a bicycle. Behind him was a peon who had to run to keep pace…
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Shivaji Maharaj and the milkmaid

This story is a retelling based on historical events Jui was excited. It was her 11th birthday. Her parents were taking her to the fort.Jui lived with her parents in a village at the foot of a hill in the Sahyadri mountain range. The hill was called Rairi. There was…
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The barber showing the ghost its own reflection

The ghost catcher

Sanju was a barber. He would roam from place to place to find clients looking to get a haircut or a shave. He carried all his tools safely in a small box. The box had a pair of scissors, shaving blades, combs and a mirror. Sanju used to take it…
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Keep Coronavirus at bay

We need a new way to look at Covid-19

Peter Pan is fighting with the pirate Captain Hook. The fight is even, until Captain Hook pulls a trick on Peter and injures him. “Not the pain of this but its unfairness was what dazed Peter. It made him quite helpless. He could only stare, horrified. Every child is affected…
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No kidding, kids know about Corona

The Covid-19 Pandemic – also known as the coronavirus infection – has changed all our lives for the moment. Children are keenly aware that something is different. School is closed. Parents are home. And they can no longer play freely with their friends. Kids will be more receptive to this…
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The generous Rantideva welcoming guests into his home

The generosity of Rantideva

Rantideva was born in a rich family. Even as a child, he would share his riches with the needy. He got married and had sons. With no thought for the future, Rantideva and his wife continued to be generous. No one went away from their home empty-handed.Ultimately, Rantideva ran out…
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Demon outwitted

The story so far: Shivraj the farmer had a special person helping in the fields. A demon! The demon would do any task given to him. But if Shivraj stopped giving him tasks, the demon would threaten to gobble him up. Shivraj somehow managed to fool the demon and save…
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The demon immediately started tilling the land with the help of demon bulls

The demon who came to work

“Work, work, work. Never ending work,“ grumbled Shivaraj the farmer. “And no one to help me. I wish I could summon a demon to work for me!” he cried. The next moment, he heard someone addressing him,” You summoned me, Master?” Shivaraj looked down to see a dwarf with a…
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