scholars and the cap-seller

Lost and found

Ten pundits (holy men) went to the Ganga to take a dip in the river. They held each other’s hands as they took dips thrice. When they came up the third time, they were not holding hands. “Let’s make sure all of us have come out of the river safely,”…
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The teacher asking her students why they had stopped coming to class

They skipped school. But the teacher did not give up

I am a primary school teacher. Do you know that even teachers attend classes from time to time? We become students and learn from senior teachers! In one such class, I met a senior teacher, Mrs. Sasikala. She was a kind person and was a good teacher. She was part of…
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The stranger handed the candle to a young girl

The stranger in the night – A Diwali story

A stranger was on a pilgrimage to Kashi. One evening, he rested in a village. The villagers were kind and helpful. They offered him food to eat and a place to stay. As he got ready to leave the next morning, his host had a word with him, “As you…
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Alexander and Porus

King Paurava, also known as Porus, ruled the region between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab in North India. One day a messenger arrived in his court. He had a fair skin and spoke a foreign language. His message was simple: Submit to King Alexander or be ready for war. Porus…
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When Jatin stopped running

Little Jatin was afraid of stray dogs. One evening, when a street dog barked at him, he turned and started running. The dog ran after him barking loudly. The only safe place, Jatin thought, was home. He ran even faster. Jatin’s mother saw the dog chasing her son. She called…
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Dal-vada King

All roads lead to Chandra Mahal in Chandrapur. No, Chandra Mahal is not a palace, it is a popular restaurant in the town. Morning walkers time their walk to arrive at Chandra Mahal at 7.30 in the morning for a hefty breakfast of idli, vada, and dosa, followed by piping…
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Absent-minded Hodja

Nasruddin Hodja was absent-minded. One day, he set out on his donkey to visit a friend. “Have a safe journey,” said his wife. “Do not leave your belongings somewhere and return without them,” she cautioned him. Hodja nodded his head and left. On the way, Hodja met some friends. He…
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Fresh fish sold here

Nasruddin Hodja opened a shop to sell fish. To attract customers, he hung a slate on which he wrote: “FRESH FISH SOLD HERE.” Then he sat down in the shop, waiting for customers. A passerby stopped at the shop. He looked at the board and said, ”Why do you say…
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