Merchant speaking to his parrot in a golden cage

The bird in the golden cage

A merchant in Persia, received a gift from his friend. It was a green parrot in a beautiful golden cage. “I got this talking parrot especially for you from India. Just feed this parrot chilies and hear its beautiful songs,” said the friend. One day, the merchant announced that he…
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Sheikh Chilli kept dreaming and didn't see the bull standing on the road!

Sheikh Chilli’s Grand Plan

One day Sheikh Chilli set out to sell mustard oil. He walked with an oil vessel on his head and dreams in his head. “I will get a good price for the oil. What shall I do with the money I’m going to earn?” he wondered. Just then a herd…
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Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis: The pioneer of handwashing

Even before Covid-19 spread across the world, handwashing was a part of daily hygiene. But did you know that there was a time when it was not part of daily routines? Even doctors did not consider handwashing important! In the 19th century, doctors would examine patients without washing their hands. And when…
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No kidding, kids know about Corona

The Covid-19 Pandemic – also known as the coronavirus infection – has changed all our lives for the moment. Children are keenly aware that something is different. School is closed. Parents are home. And they can no longer play freely with their friends. Kids will be more receptive to this…
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The fox looking at the grapes on the vine

Sweet grapes

A fox passed by a grapevine winding around the branches of a tree. He saw a bunch of grapes hanging above. He jumped to snatch some grapes. But the grapes were too high for him. “You have to grow up fox,” said a monkey living on the tree; “here take…
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Ben and Jenny waited as the lion drifted off to sleep

Lion and the kids

Ben and Jenny were running in their school’s hallway. Unfortunately, they were caught by principal Stan. They were sent to his office, where they had a long talk. As punishment, Ben and Jenny had to write an essay on why they should not run in the hallway. Meanwhile, in the…
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The baseball bat

Once there was a baseball bat. The bat was owned by a nice kid called John, who loved sports. John played with his friends at the park every weekend. He would pick a basketball one week, a badminton racket the other, and even a tennis ball at times. But the…
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Gudi rides the pumpkin

Gudi was alone at home. Her parents had gone out for a few days. Before leaving, Mom said, “Gudi, there is enough food for you for three days.” “Yes, Mom,” said Gudi. “You are safe in the house. Don’t go out,” said Mom. “I’ll be careful, Mom,” assured Gudi. “I…
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Grinding stone to the rescue

Gudi took a ride to Granny Gangu’s cottage on a big fat friendly pumpkin. The big bad wolf allowed her to pass thinking he will eat her up when she returned fat and plump after having Granny’s food. Gudi ate the delicious food of Granny Gangu. Even more fascinating were…
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The never-ending story

There was a king who was very fond of stories. Remarkable story tellers came to his court and told him many stories. One day, the king demanded that the next story teller tell him a long, story — a never ending story. “If the story ends, the story teller will pay with…
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